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Late-night Blogging

Ah, here again. Bloggin at 2:30 am. :s just completed some unfinished project for someone. that RDP one. hopefully its gotten done with now. and now back to my COM assignment.

I really dont like people who come up on the stage just to tell you “you dont know jack about what you think you know”. Well yeah in a way thats good cuz it tells you what more to learn, but it also gives a sense of ….umm whats the word…. infriority? :s i guess.. but neways id rather pefer that a teacher comes up and teaches as much as he can with the enthusiasm to teach and not to test or tell people that “well, uve come this far but do u know its like a 1000 miles more?”. What would you be thinking then?

There are three kinds o people that i know. the optimistic ones, the realistic ones and the pessimistic ones. The optimistic one would be like….” well, so? ive come so far i can go 1000 miles more…”. the pessimistic one would be more like “ah crap… u kidding me? iv walked my ass off day-in day-out! no way im gonna walk a 1000 miles more”. but i seriously wonder what the realistic guy wud say. maybe something like “well iv come so far, only time can tell if i can be there. iv set out to be there and well i knew it was gonna be like a million miles….so lez c”. In any class there are all of these sorts o guys and girls. The best way i think will work is, teach ur best! really. and motivate and inspire and not give hints of “well i know a lot more than u can ever imagine… and that microsoft interview? forget about it that u can even make it to the fonecalls!”. disheartning :s..

anyway, im more between realistic and optimistic when it comes that. thats not what turns me off. rather i like teachers who know a lot because i know that illl learn a lot as well. Dr. Qasim Shiekh (my algorithm analysis instructor) is one recent example. I took out time to have a lunch with him and i love the way he enjoys his life and inspires others as well. he also has this, innocence of some sort. hes friendly and passionate and believes in knowledge and always yearning for it. one of the best things i like about him is how hes keeping up with our generation even tho people of his age dont really. hes teaching us Google’s PageRank. pretty darn intresting thing theve comeup with. Umar Manzoor is very enthusiastic too about programming. he’s teaching distributed computing. he’s a bit pompous tho, and my earlier comments on this post we’re to do with him. not that i dont like him or his way of teaching. he just scares me :S tells me things that i dont know in a way that “u dont even know thatttt!!!” (mayb it really is that bad. :s i have to work on my concepts). im spoiled 😦 Oh and how can i not mention Ikraam and Uzma maroof, the other two very inspiring teachers. and kashif munir was a GEM! ikraam is in microsoft now, kashif is austria completing his doctrate in distributed computing etc. and mam uzma is still teaching here.

i love teachers who inspire me. They are mostly computing related teachers, but not neccessarily. i loved the way asif gondal taught numerical. (tho i flunked in it :().

enough of what i love, now to what i hate! im pissed today. y? cuz of the people who dont appriciate! who dont appriciate just anything. who dont want to learn. who dont want to indulge. really, have you gone through the time when, you love something, ur kinda good at it and ur passionate about it. someone asks you to teach it to them, or tell about it to them. u start doing it and all you get it “okay man … wahtever….. move on”. Or there is someone, whos not as good and u feel like maybe u shud slowdown and give em a hand and take em along with you and alll they do is push off ur hand and ignore you. Crap! that just makes me more inclined towards making lone groups etc.

Ah ive been missing a lot of CG and Management classes. oh, i had to drop computer architecture thanx to tehmina and humaira. wouldnt go in that detail. now i have management. which happens to be the first class in the morning at 830 and if ur der at 832 ur out:S… here we go into another stressful semester. first tehmina and humaira broke my plans and now this :s plus this 80% attendence in all courses bullshit. i mean…. wahts the point? is a guy with 100% attendence any better than the rest of them? or does he get anything for come in all* classes? or is it garanteed that he’ll learn? i dont see on point in imposing that school-time restriction. oh well… hopefully just one n a half year more :s

back to my work, no sleeeep tonite cuz wont be able to wake up den.

quote of the post:
There is no substitute for intelligence, experience and taste in programming. Bjarne Stroustrup

(ps: next time …. about my recent addiction to msdn blogs and usenet. )


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