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Categories, Tags or the hybrid approach

Developing software is not the same as it used to be. With new paradigms, techniques and tools comming up its hard to choose the best methodology and the best tool to deliver quality products. Hence my delimma of organizing data. Would you rather categorize it (as it used to be) or tag it? There has been a lot of discussion on categories vs tags on blogs and forums lately. Had tags not been used/invented i wouldnt been writing this post or getting all confused on what to use.

So here is the scenario. You have a finances management software/tool where you write down your daily expenses etc. Just filing expenses in a software doesn’t do much good (at least not so much as to motivate me to make an exclusive custom software for it – in which case Microsoft’s Excel suffices). So, one of the major goals of this kind of tool is organization of your expenses. This is a narrow goal though. An even broader goal is planning and reporting. So we come to the part where organization is crucial. One way to organize you expenses is by making categories and n-level subcategories. Another is by tags. We discuss both, and see which one is better.

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