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Windows Live Photo Gallery – A Review


A sequel to my Windows Live Writer review post, today I review Window Live Photo Gallery, another application in the Windows Live family. This one lets you view, edit, tag, blog about, print, view slide shows of and share photos. This includes photos residing on your local machine, or the ones in your Windows Live account, or ones that are tagged by your Windows Live Messenger contacts.

In this post I will overview the Windows Live Photo Gallery application and what you can do with it. You can download the Windows Live package here to try them out.

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Windows Live Writer – A Review

lw One Friday afternoon, I’m bored. I am browsing through my start –> programs menu and I see a windows Live menu there. I expand it and see a Windows Live Writer. Not exactly knowing what it does, I fired it up! Its a blog writer! .. Hmm, interesting. But I’ve seen a few like this and they were hardly every impressing at all! So well, Windows Live Messenger 2009 was an impressive application so might as well try this and give yet another shot to Microsoft to regain its respect with me. It got installed when I recently upgraded my PC to a new HP and had to reinstall everything, including the latest msn messenger.

First Impressions

The first impression is rather impressive. I was able to hook Live Writer with Word press in less than a minute, It knows my theme on word press, shows me a live preview while I edit my post. Picture editing is simpler than ever, at least a lot simpler than the one word press provides. I talk about picture editing later.

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About being Kewl, Cuil, and k00L…

After all the hype about cuil, I checked it out (a little late, because I wanted the glitter it came in to settle down). I wondered what Tom Costello and Anna Paterson (ex-Googlians – At Google she was the architect of Google’s large search index TeraGoogle which launched in early 2006. Besides serving architecture she was the technical lead for one of the two Web ranking groups at Google, in charge of GoogleBase and the manager for a core piece of Google’s ads-matching technology. – from WIKIPEDIA) would come up with. Naturally like any blogger and google enthusiast, I would like to see how that search engine would benefit my blog. So I went and searched the typical high ranking terms on google that link to me. Here we go!

“Welcome to Cuil—the world’s biggest search engine. The Internet has grown. We think it’s time search did too.”

Cuil search for "fedora vmware shared folder"

Cuil search for "fedora vmware shared folder" - 16 results total, "but i will show you only two so that its easy for you to decide which one gets the random click (since none of them has anything to do with what you searched anyway :))"

Another "IMBA" search result at cuil

Another “IMBA” search result at cuil – slightly more results this time for “animorphosis (google results)” – this has nothing to do with my blog, just searched for the depth of the index. See for yourself:) 417 results, hardly any relavence.

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Dual Screen Setup for Visual Studio 2008

my dual screen setup

my dual screen setup

After getting totally unable to live without multiple monitors due to multiple reasons [coolness, openess, manageability, productivity] and requirements, last month I ordered a pair of 19″ Widescreen Philips 190SW LCD for my office workstation (see image). Since most of my time is spent inside Visual Studio, i found it compelling to Google dual screen setups for visual studio as a developer and designer. Though i did not get much from it, I landed on Sara ford’s post about multi-monitor support in visual studio. Though the post itself does not provide as much information, the comments are quite helpful and show how everyone has his/her own taste of setting up the new enviornment.

FIrst of, we need a good software to deal with multiple monitors. Windows XP per se does not provide much functionality for it. I downloaded the trial version of UltraMon. UltraMon basically lets you use two seperate taskbars, display different wallpaper on each monitor and so on. It even lets you maintain seperate list of opened windows in each taskbar, something the regular windows taskbar does not allow.

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Shameless advertisment …

I happened to come across this very neat add-on for firefox 3. There you go to all the Firefox-Gmail lovers 🙂

Click here to view home page of Better Gmail 2.

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