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Windows 7 beta 1 (Build 7000) – A Review

Windows Vista-2009-01-20-18-53-35 (2)

A colleague and friend of mine handed me to checkout Windows 7 beta build 7000 DVD today that he had burned for himself. Before recently, I had been quite disappointed by Microsoft and the quality of products they were producing. Windows Live seemed like a very vague, ideas-in-the-cloud (no pun on cloud computing) kind of thing, IE8 would crash more than occasionally and Live mail would filter out everything but spam. But having reviewed and used Live applications like Live Writer and Live Gallery, I am starting to get excited again. In this post I review my first experience with Windows 7 – the next Operating System from Microsoft after Windows Vista. I never switched to vista and have been a die hard XP SP2 fan and user. Lets see what experience Windows 7 has in store for me in this one hour review session.

Windows Vista-2009-01-20-18-53-58 (2)

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Windows Live Photo Gallery – A Review


A sequel to my Windows Live Writer review post, today I review Window Live Photo Gallery, another application in the Windows Live family. This one lets you view, edit, tag, blog about, print, view slide shows of and share photos. This includes photos residing on your local machine, or the ones in your Windows Live account, or ones that are tagged by your Windows Live Messenger contacts.

In this post I will overview the Windows Live Photo Gallery application and what you can do with it. You can download the Windows Live package here to try them out.

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Windows Live Writer – A Review

lw One Friday afternoon, I’m bored. I am browsing through my start –> programs menu and I see a windows Live menu there. I expand it and see a Windows Live Writer. Not exactly knowing what it does, I fired it up! Its a blog writer! .. Hmm, interesting. But I’ve seen a few like this and they were hardly every impressing at all! So well, Windows Live Messenger 2009 was an impressive application so might as well try this and give yet another shot to Microsoft to regain its respect with me. It got installed when I recently upgraded my PC to a new HP and had to reinstall everything, including the latest msn messenger.

First Impressions

The first impression is rather impressive. I was able to hook Live Writer with Word press in less than a minute, It knows my theme on word press, shows me a live preview while I edit my post. Picture editing is simpler than ever, at least a lot simpler than the one word press provides. I talk about picture editing later.

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Categories, Tags or the hybrid approach

Developing software is not the same as it used to be. With new paradigms, techniques and tools comming up its hard to choose the best methodology and the best tool to deliver quality products. Hence my delimma of organizing data. Would you rather categorize it (as it used to be) or tag it? There has been a lot of discussion on categories vs tags on blogs and forums lately. Had tags not been used/invented i wouldnt been writing this post or getting all confused on what to use.

So here is the scenario. You have a finances management software/tool where you write down your daily expenses etc. Just filing expenses in a software doesn’t do much good (at least not so much as to motivate me to make an exclusive custom software for it – in which case Microsoft’s Excel suffices). So, one of the major goals of this kind of tool is organization of your expenses. This is a narrow goal though. An even broader goal is planning and reporting. So we come to the part where organization is crucial. One way to organize you expenses is by making categories and n-level subcategories. Another is by tags. We discuss both, and see which one is better.

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Uraan vs Bentley ..?

I worked at Uraan Software Solutions in summer of 2006 as a Business analyst. Two days ago, CEO Uraan, Ali Naqi asked on my post on working at bentley about the comparison of expereince in working at the two companies. Specifically he asked:

How was working at Bentley different from working at Uraan? How do the two companies compare in:
a. Size
b. Teams
c. Hierarchy
d. Nature of projects
e. Project processes

Firstly, my experience with both has been inspiring and exciting. Uraan, being a not-so-infant-but-still-small-young-and-energetic-company was great to work at for mostly different reasons than at Bentley. I’d go point wise and then summerize.

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