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About being Kewl, Cuil, and k00L…

After all the hype about cuil, I checked it out (a little late, because I wanted the glitter it came in to settle down). I wondered what Tom Costello and Anna Paterson (ex-Googlians – At Google she was the architect of Google’s large search index TeraGoogle which launched in early 2006. Besides serving architecture she was the technical lead for one of the two Web ranking groups at Google, in charge of GoogleBase and the manager for a core piece of Google’s ads-matching technology. – from WIKIPEDIA) would come up with. Naturally like any blogger and google enthusiast, I would like to see how that search engine would benefit my blog. So I went and searched the typical high ranking terms on google that link to me. Here we go!

“Welcome to Cuil—the world’s biggest search engine. The Internet has grown. We think it’s time search did too.”

Cuil search for "fedora vmware shared folder"

Cuil search for "fedora vmware shared folder" - 16 results total, "but i will show you only two so that its easy for you to decide which one gets the random click (since none of them has anything to do with what you searched anyway :))"

Another "IMBA" search result at cuil

Another “IMBA” search result at cuil – slightly more results this time for “animorphosis (google results)” – this has nothing to do with my blog, just searched for the depth of the index. See for yourself:) 417 results, hardly any relavence.

High rank results

High rank results for "sdl visual studio 2003", 185 results .... hardly anything relavent. See below for google results.

So, yes! phew! Gosh! … thats a terrific experience. They do one thing good. Narrow the options for you. I mean who needs “googlian” results to choose from, and then sometimes its good not to show proper results … people hardly read books anymore. What has Cuil got to say about it? Here what:

The Internet has grown exponentially in the last fifteen years but search engines have not kept up—until now. Cuil searches more pages on the Web than anyone else—three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft.

Like hell :). That was Cuil for you.

Now what k00L is searchMe. With their on-going research on ontology and fasionable (visual) results (stacks and all), they have managed to impress me a lot more than Cuil could and obviously less than google did( for relavance reasons i.e.). Ontology is something i think Google misses right now and the future of search will have ontology as a quintessential part of it. Here is a quickie with search me:

visual search and ontology

visual search and ontology - same search query as I did with Cuil

A lot of people find searchme cumbersome, if not useless at first. This is largely because we, right now, are not used to this. When you first type a word on searchMe, it instantly returns categories. For me that is a massive advantage and lowers my search time, something google might have planned with “Im feeling lucky” but did not fly as such (unless you know what you are searching). For example, techCrunch’s analysis of Cuil vs Google mentioned searching “apple” and neither returned the fruit but if you try it on searchMe, you can instantly narrow it down to your required category (software, hardware, plant…what not!). It redefines the search for us. I term it Kool! (pun intended ofcourse!).

Now for those who think I am biased with google and searchMe and still think Cuil is flying, here are some results from Google (yes, shameless-self-praise-whatever!)

"fedora vmware shared folder"

"fedora vmware shared folder"

"sdl visual studio 2003"

"sdl visual studio 2003"

Now thats plain and simple, “cool” 🙂


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2 Responses

  1. Fahim says:

    well mate, I have been trying cool. The first problem rather a hurdle for me is to get used to the interface, in my humble opinion the minimal work google did just can’t be undone for a long while. With cuil its ok like if its a website I love it. But I don’t my search engine to be that fancy. And yes I did not get the results either.

    I was looking for Linkin Park band merchendise and God know i saw all sort of merchendise, lol.

  2. Mr :D says:

    hmmm, fancy search engines 😀 “kewl” 😛
    minimalistic google serves my apetite for accurate results for now… have tried both, “CUIL” and “SearchMe” but couldnt find relevancy in my search keyword and the dug up webpages 😛

    but i must say… searchMe is *fancy* 😛

    ++google is a good ~hacking tool~ ++ if u knw how to use it:P

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