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[Later in the evening, trying out word2007’s publish to blog feature]

“When word sends information to blog service provider, it may be possible for other people to view this information. This includes your username and password. do you want to continue?”

“do you want to kiss my ass?”

[now wondering if i should be using msn messenger or any kind of ther service too in the first place! no wonder i get in deep shit cuz of this..]


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caffine, workloads and stomach-achez…..

aah Hell!. i just got done with steven’s project. its like having to loath it. no its nothing to do with the project. or steven, for that matter:p its me! i eat so much spice i need to control it. and so much more caffine that i end up with acidity. ive been feeling a lil fluish too…. but its these used-to-be-rare-now-common stomach-aches that take my cocentration off. just had a glass of eno…. but heck im just 21 and i love spices and coffee!!!!!

gotta start work on snippy tomorrow. aah, and this network project for some1. gotta design a three layer stack for a distributed computing app communication….. reliability over udp using crc-8 and sliding window, we call it the RDP…reliable data protocol. not much time for it, gotta give in on monday.

“as the crow flies” going good so far….. jeffery archer’s ainnit…. but i get the feeling that his plots are kinda familiar to each other. but maybe thats what they call style? neway im off to a reading hour and then some sleep. hopefully this will take my head off this stomach-ache.

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work and whining…

Im not really very work-a-holic kinda person but when it does get to getting work done, its just a matter of mood that it really gets done :p. Anyways, the uni just started (FAST-NUCES, isb campus, pakistan … somewhere near india if you still dont get it). Im picking up 5 courses this time. Design and Analysis of Algos, Parallel and distributed computing, computer graphics (oh well, today was its first lecture and that was an hour ago. im still at home), Numerical Computing (well yes i flunked it last time … and hey you dont u dare look down on me  cuz i flunked it. there were reasons for that and i dont need to explain). and lastly i think im taking computer architecture as well. i missed out computer architecture before. so that basically makes my 16hours lecture/week at uni.

im supposed to be picking up a group partner for Algo and DC within this week. but i guess nah, ill jus go on with it myself this semester. im in the 6th semester and for the past 3 years group work hasnt prooved very fruitful. im mostly told that its a problem with me and not with my group partners.i end up doing all the work myself and i never put pressure on my group partners or give them work to  do and due to this nature of mine, my partners take advantage of it. perhaps, but then i have to worry about my grade. i have tried leaving the work on others. either they end up with an excuse like the compiler didnt feel like compiling their source or anything like that. i happen to be a programmer that likes to pickup a design/coding style and follow it for a give project. (mostly it keeps on progressing with every project).so if some code chunk doesnt folllow that design guideline its an itch in the gut for me. lol. yes it really is. So the problem really lies here. i want them to follow a design guideline if they have to work with me (and they argue that i think im too good for them. oh well!) like forexample if i want to use STL or BOOST in a project than i dont want to see an ill written code in my project when it could have been easy 5-line code in STL. So frankly speaking, i dont see how am i to be blamed for the lack of intrest in learning anything new and very important like STL by my group parners.  Hence my decision of making the groups alone from now on unless i find someone who shares the passion of problem solving, programming, designing and progressing like me. im okay with different view points. thats how people progress. if you’re a open source fan that’ll be great because open source facinates me. (but if it is on the basis of dissing microsoft all the time, then i wont buy it since im a big MS fan as well, but thats okay. id still love to work with you). so what i require in a partner is “passion of problem solving, programming, designing and progressing” . it doent have to comply with me, it just have to be there. according to some im rightfully labeled “khwaar” (desperate) because of the aforementioned passions. (as if i give a beep!)

 So moving on to work. lately im very intrested in the APR (apache portable runtime) that is used in Apache HTTP server project. spending some time here and their learning it from source and docs tho i dont get much time for it. apart from that html tidy and xerces(lots of thanx to mehshaan for suggesting that. you’re the GURU!)

 there is another project for a private client about a set search engine optimization tools for SEOs. the second phase is due tomorrow. (but its not making its way to the market for atleast 3/4 months). then there is this visual studio snippet app for a private client that basically drives the user through a set up steps for creating visual studio code snippets (tho i have not started on it yet, but hopefully that’ll be done with in about a month).

 a couple of designPark products are on their way as well but will take some time. one happens to be a personal financial register application to manage personal finances. its really in its very basic stage im trying out new ideas. second is the god-forsaken Gpa calculator/planner application which has not yet even made its way to the code yet (and was the first to be planned out! the moment i get sick with maintaining excel based transcripts and planning on excel ill definitly do something about it). Other ideas include organizers (well yes i know there are a lot of em out there), unisys ( a university communication system) and a few more i dont want to disclose as yet. if you want to work with me for designPark on those projects give me a buzz or drop in a comment.

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