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Quiz #3: What if there were no ‘if’?

Last monday i reached office pretty late since i had to attend my lectures at univ. There was a power fluctuation problem in the whole building and the MIS had requested everyone not to turn on their PCs. So most of the people were either chilling in their cabins chatting or had left. I hung out for a while with a bunch of senior FAST graduates discussing some tecchie gossip and then i moved to the break room. There were some other employees sitting there and were discussing a very thoughtful problem. The problem being my quiz number 3. Its goes something like this:

Given a language that does not have an IF construct, how do you go on about executing different code over a condition? For example call code-block A if condition C is true, and B is condition C is false.

The discussion was going on among some 4-5 employees and since they were pretty seniour to me, (me being just another intern) i was un-noticed. Anyways, have your say in it and ill answer this shortly from my own perspective. (maybe its one of those interview questions, but then again its intresting).

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  1. algorithm says:

    if a language doesn’t have any CONDITIONAL feature then
    during the run time a condition can be posed and using a looping function a code can be executed till the value is obtained
    like suppose if C=5 then a=100 else a=121
    then take from user some c=20 , keep it in a decementing loop if the loop is true assign a=100 else other

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