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Writer’s Bloc or what?

Iv been away from my blog lately. Havnt had time really, nor could i find the urge to write much. Just been busy with work at Bentley since i joined in as an intern. Been also disappointed to find a grade not worth mentioning, but whats worth mentioning is the achievment of completing three proper projects in less than 2 months. This time i joined up with Mehshan for Disrtributed Computing, Graphics and Algorithms course Projects. Had to create a Remote Agent Toolkit for Distributed Computing, A custom RayTracer engine for Graphics (InterLight 3d Presentation) and implementation of Langville’s algorithm for computing Google’s Page rank. I guess we make a good team and it would last longer. Glad to be out of the “hard to say ‘No’ to the free-riders” syndrome.

Anyways, I spend a lot of time reading a lot of blogs. Today I’ll list my most loved ones. So here goes:

Coding Horror : Jeff Atwoods almost daily feast of issues, solutions and general rants about software issues.

Joel On software : The Fog Creek Guy. He’s bold, he’s experienced and his company pays $750/week to interns 😦 I hope Bentley goes through that as well.

Maoni’s Weblog: Maoni’s been away for quite some time but his articles on performance issues and debugging are priceless.

One more pointless blog

Scott Hanselman’s Computer zen

The Old New Thing

Rico Mariani’s Performance Tidbits

10x  Software Development : What can i say about the writer of “Code Complete” 🙂

Scobliezer: An avid blogger … blogs everything :p Though im not really a big fan of his way of writing, but yes hes a good source of info.

And a “Big” Subscription to the MSDN Blogs which includes updates to all the blogs on msdn. (subscribe to the OPML)

On a lighter note, I go through a lot of other feeds like DZone and (read ali eteraz if you really want to see some rehtoric gymnastics).

There are more, but these are my top issues first thing in the morning. I get them delivered straight to me through Google Reader which is an easy and innovative way to go through the internet i like. It even has a “offline” mode (after downloading a little plugin)  so i can even go through these posts without internet. (Yes, dont you remember dialup still?). An even bigger picture to my day is through iGoogle which is basically a customized google homepage (with my mail, rss reader, wikipedia and ofcourse google). Google reader comes with some cool packs to subscribe to when you start using it. I cant really go through all of them so ive jsut scubscibed to the Google’s internal blogs set where i get all the info on google. The best thing about blogs is that you just dont read em like newspaper or a certain brand of newspaper. You get to “click” on links and go from one place to another (did u click that “click” ? :p). It gets addictive sometimes. And it can make you a useless people of informative lump! Who just reads and knows everything but doesnt really do anything. I keep getting that syndrome every often so these days im trying to get into a routine. (that includes eating peanut butter sandwiches and horlics for breakfast:s) …

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