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Channel9, on10 and ResearchChannel

Microsoft has been putting forward a lot of information that is very useful for developers and ametuer programmers. three of the top sites i have discovered yet are channel9, on10 and researchchannel (on MSR).

There are very cool video interviews on channel9, my favourite being “behind the code” and “going deep” series. Having seen tony williams (co inventor of COM), anders heljsberg (inventor of C#) and jim gray, it boosts the enthusiasm in this field. also, the Deep Windows series by Probert is also great on channel9 and is a must watch. The recent TechFest coverage has been successful at impressing me as well. Is hard to keep up with channel9 and/or sites like that when you have limited bandwidth 😦

 Im still to explore research channel yet.

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3 Responses

  1. Nirmal says:

    channel 9 rocks for geeks…if geeks watch any kind of “television” i have happened to realize that it almost always is channel 9!

  2. zakimirza says:

    lol are you terming me a geek? :p iv had days of downloading huge files off channel9 on my dialup… and soaking up uni bandwidth doing GBs in a day..:p.. cant get enough :s. It bring you to a halt though. Its like you keep watching/reading about new stuff thats happening around you know everything about everything yet you never get enough time to dirty your hands yourself. Im in a phase of trying to get out of that so no channel9 lately. 😦

  3. lol!…. well if you do happen to compute your activities in terms of O(n) then im afraid the geek is alive!
    yeah sometimes you do wanna let go of all that news reception hoping you could break some news some day as well…

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