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Intellisense, UI Frameworks and Efficiencies – Discussions with Steve Teixeira

Ive been following Steve’s Teixeira’s (Group Program Manager for Visual C++) blog for a while now. A couple of months ago, i started a discussion with Steve Teixeira –  about intellisense support in Visual Studio .Net 2005 in C# as compared to Visual C++.

Later on his Channel9 video blogpost about vc++ product strategy, i asked about performance degradation in .Net UI frameworks compared to win32 API and MFC stuff. Steve put his point of view on that which started a debate about UI frameworks that have emerged since the advent of .Net Framework including WinForms and WPF. The discussion took a pace which you can see on his post’s comments. The discussion continued with steve’s response to comments on the earlier discussion in response to my question.

I think this kind of discussion breeds good interaction between the people in the business and their customers and users. Microsoft’s recent initiatives to get things right again with customers by starting channel9 and on10 and many different contests and has somewhat saved its reputation. Lets see if Microsoft can turn it around towards up again.

Also, these kinds of discussions are where blogs show their true potential of information sharing. Yes there have been forums which have served the purpose since ages. But i think blogs serve a different purpose than forums. While forums are for discussion, blogs are more about rapid information sharing. Things like these would take ages to make it to the market in a book that are now discussed on blogs by various people around the blogosphere.

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