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caffine, workloads and stomach-achez…..

aah Hell!. i just got done with steven’s project. its like having to loath it. no its nothing to do with the project. or steven, for that matter:p its me! i eat so much spice i need to control it. and so much more caffine that i end up with acidity. ive been feeling a lil fluish too…. but its these used-to-be-rare-now-common stomach-aches that take my cocentration off. just had a glass of eno…. but heck im just 21 and i love spices and coffee!!!!!

gotta start work on snippy tomorrow. aah, and this network project for some1. gotta design a three layer stack for a distributed computing app communication….. reliability over udp using crc-8 and sliding window, we call it the RDP…reliable data protocol. not much time for it, gotta give in on monday.

“as the crow flies” going good so far….. jeffery archer’s ainnit…. but i get the feeling that his plots are kinda familiar to each other. but maybe thats what they call style? neway im off to a reading hour and then some sleep. hopefully this will take my head off this stomach-ache.

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2 Responses

  1. CyD! says:




    n less spice!
    less caffine!
    more life!

  2. CyD! says:

    n stop treating yourself by your own!!!


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